Live Stream in Dubai

We are offering Live Stream Video solutions in Dubai for everyone who wants to stay connected with their audience anywhere online.

Be on top of the game by delivering content of value and creating a great communication channel for people who are staying at home. Connect with your audience and do Live Stream sessions from the comfort of your office or any location.

You can ask your audience questions to get to know them better and they can do the same. What’s more, when they interact with each other, it creates a sense of community and they will associate you with it.
Live Stream will not only increase the trust with your existing customers but also help you reach more people because platforms like Facebook Live (click to watch our video “6 Ideas How To Use Facebook Live”), YouTube Live, Instagram, Periscope and many more will favour live content or even send a push notification to your followers to let them know that you are Live. Also, as your audience engage with you and share your Live Stream, you will instantly know how many people are watching.
Our solution gives you a huge advantage over the mobile phone Live streaming by offering multi-camera, good sound quality and reliable bonded internet connection.

Tips for Live Stream

1. Define your purpose. What of value are you giving to the audience? Webinar, online class or training, Q&A session, daily workouts, news announcement or live event. Be prepared and it’s not the worst thing to stick to a scripted video or have your audience to submit questions in advance.
2. Set the scene – people join in at random times. Show your branding and remind your audience throughout the stream of what you’re discussing and who you are.
3. Promote your Live Stream in advance – goes without saying. And the best practice is to be consistent. Daily? Every other day? 3 times a week – build your audience by showing up
4. Engage – encourage a conversation, also by calling out someone’s name and engaging with their comments, you create a special moment for that particular viewer.
5. Reuse your content – let the audience know where they can access your Live Stream video later.

Contact us when you need any support from technical to content strategy side. We’re in this together, so let’s take all of our resources online! Call us for your next Live Streaming event in Dubai or fill in our Contact Form.

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