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    Why I should pick Evamotion to create my video?

    Because we are creating a GREAT STORYS throw the video. SIMPLIFYING your communication COMPLEXITY. And most important – DRIVING RESULTS. We also help you with the how/when/where of launching your video marketing strategy. And in general we are nice people.

    How do we get started?

    Simple. Just fill out our contact form or give us a call. Let us know what kind of videography or animation style you are looking for. We will come back to you with a few questions. Once we get an idea of your needs and requirements, we will send you an estimate.

    What steps are involved in the video creation?

    It depends of the video category, Dubai videography or online animation. Most of them follow by the 6 simple step process, which includes brief, scenario, storyboard, filming, editing and music with sound effects. You will be invited to participate in each stage of the process, to achieve best results.

    How much does a video cost?

    There is no one price because each project is unique and every company have different needs. Cost will depend of the video length, style, complexity and turnaround time. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will come back with your quote ASAP. +971 52 316 4187 /

    I’ve got my video, what’s next?

    Congratulations, you made a right investment. Don’t stop here, now you need to show everyone, how awesome you are. Evamotion is able not only to produce great video content, but also can help you with video marketing. We will share with you our knowledge and experience how to get best exposure and reach a wider audience. You will receive best video SEO tips to increase the chance of being found and viewed by your prospects.