What is creative video agency?

Based in Dubai the city of opportunities, Evamotion is a video design company. A small team of awesome creatives, specialising in online video content. We create stories with emotional moving images, quality sound and a hint of motion graphics. At Evamotion we pride ourselves on being creative to produce engaging content to get your viewers excited about your brand or product. We ensure to work together with you in order to get the best results. Let us know about your digital marketing goals, ideas and needs and we will tailor video content strategy for you.

What can Evamotion do for you?

Create great stories

Tell a story of your company, product or a service in a simple and entertaining way. Get a new message out to your customers. Helping your business in the online video marketing world.

Simplify complexity

Simple language and power of visualization that is more personal and emotional. Leave your audience feeling engaged and inspired. Converting your message in better and simpler solution.

Drive Results

 Reach and engage with your ideal audience. Online video content are specifically targeted to your clients and marketing goals. Measure results with the power of analytics.

Whether you’re a Startup or big Corporation we’ll be able to match your video style that fits your needs.

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Meet our small but mighty team of awesome and creative videographers. We have been working in Dubai since 2015 and growing bigger and bolder ever since. Specialising in video production and delivering excellent client experience. Our aim is for you to stand out from the crowd. Our videos are edgy, dramatic, appealing and absolutely unique. We help brands to educate audiences with powerful videos. With us, you won’t just get great video, you’ll get results.

dubai creative director evamotion

Evan (Evaldas Vilius)

Founding partner
Creative Director / videographer

dubai video producer evamotion

Justina Vilius

Founding partner
Producer / marketing / videographer

dubai female videographer

Gia (Giedre)

Editor / camera operator

Aily Dubai video producer


Video producer

Dubai video editor

Dika (Kai)

Editor / Camera operator / Photographer

Aily Dubai video producer


Business Developer / Sales

Dubai video producer

Shahriyar (Shah)

Business Developer / Sales

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