Build your brand, make content that is useful

There are certainly challenges when it comes to finding your voice as a business today in a global pandemic, but now is not the time to go silent. Content has become a lot more powerful as a marketing tool over the last couple of months, and it’s the time to embrace our new creative constraints and create content that’s genuinely useful.

Ok, how?

Remember your brand exists in the context of the world, which has shifted dramatically over the last several months. At work people need to answer all kinds of new urgent questions: how to work efficiently, should they pause or freeze marketing spending, how to run virtual events. And at home people are juggling multiple responsibilities and guarding their time more closely. 

Before you start producing content, take a step back and look at what conversations your brand has the right to enter at this moment. Then, think about what your customers really need help with — and what you are the best positioned to address.

Ok, but what content?

As a form of marketing, content is far more effective than it was  — in large part, because other forms have been so badly affected by the pandemic. Advertising feels worse when much of the economy is still shut down, cold calling and emailing is much harder with so many people concerned about their health. Events are obviously nonexistent and will be for some time. Content is winning because it can help us escape (unlike advertising, which interrupts escape). People are spending more time watching videos and on social media as we search for entertainment and distraction in our day-to-day. So if you can provide a beneficial content that is consistent, you will stay on top of your customers’ mind and win their hearts. 

Do you need content ideas?

We have plenty not only because it’s our job, but also as we are consumer’s ourselves and know what type of content keeps us coming back to the brand. Interviews, Tips, Industry News, Live sessions, training – the list goes on and on. 

Stay true to your brand, make content that’s genuinely helpful and valuable. 

Reach out to us and tell what are you currently consuming. Stay safe and well!

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