Client: Hikvision

Service: Promotional video

Category: Corporate

Length: 3:47

Training promo video for Hikvision

"With this training program promo video, we had increased participants applications by 30%" Cecilia, marketing manager, Hikvision

The Management Training program promo video for Hikvision. The program is designed for managers and talents originally for improvement of business and management skills. This time, Hikvision wants to open the program and share it with other excellent customer partners together. The video is designed to attract more people to enrol in the course. Evamotion creative team ensured a smooth video production workflow with tips on smooth message delivery and having a teleprompter had reduced filming hours significantly.

Things to consider before hiring a production company for a promotional video.

- Number of cameras used in the production
- Audio recording quality
- Teleprompter for easy script delivery
- Creative lighting
- Editing capabilities

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