What is Episodic Video Series?

Business video series is like a brands’ TV show – a collection of videos with the same goal and theme in mind. Typically three or more videos that provide a high value for the viewer and in return build your brands’ image and trust for the audience. Episodic series is also considered a new way for businesses to connect with customers, build awareness and be seen as a leader in their industry. Business episodes offer a unique opportunity to connect with a wider audience, help them better understand complex topics within your industry, and encourage them to engage with your company. In other words, a series is a valuable tool to build your brand.

What are the benefits for your brand?

A powerful brand affinity marketing tool is an emotional connection. By having video series you give the audience an opportunity to step inside your brand. Brand awareness is who knows you, while brand affinity is who cares about you. Brand affinity is next-level because it’s an audience of people who know your brand, they know your values, and can relate. Episodic videos are typically speaking your mission, not just trying to sell the product or service. This type of video content allows the audience to resonate with your company on an emotional level. Memorable experiences drive the viewer to keep coming back to the brand. Also, by providing a beneficial video content you tap into an audience outside your main customer reach and build a community around your brand.   

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