6 ideas how to use facebook live

In this video, I will be sharing our top 6 ideas how to use facebook live to help build your business. Operating a business out of UAE is truly vibrant and global, so it is important to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Number #1:  Behind The Scenes
Allow your viewers to gain insight into the preparations for an event or revealing the process of how their favourite products are made, or simply by letting them follow along with your daily duties.

Number #2: Conducting Q&A Sessions
Start with answering most emailed or requested questions. During these sessions, you would actively encourage your followers to ask any questions in the comments allowing you to answer them live. Great way to connect with your viewers.

Number #3: Virtual Tour
Ether your office or a venue start from the entrance all the way to the back, revealing not only your setup but also showing your team members. Doing this offers huge potential for exposure that your business can use to educate new and existing customers about your brand.

Number #4: How To
You can demonstrate how your own product or services work, also showing them how to perform skilled tasks related to your industry.
Not only is this an effective strategy to reach to a wider audience but it also builds your reputation as a helpful, trustable brand.

Number #5 Interviews
Invite your industry celebrity of influencer to have an open conversation. This would create a channel for your viewers to participate in the interview with an industry expert. This also allows you to introduce yourself to celebrities and influencers followers. It is a Win-Win.

Number #6: Fun Stuff
Hold contests, giveaways or challenges that could be related to your business. For example, LADBible live streamed four ice-creams melting in a battle to see which one would last the longest. This generated Over 6 mln views because people were sharing, and betting which ice cream will win. During give away live session you can offer buy 1 get 1 free in the limited time frame, or validating purchase in the comments. Special offer only during the live stream.

By streaming these challenges or contests live, it gives your viewers exclusive access to your company or brand, which would, in turn, increase the number of people who tune in to the event.

Make sure to promote your upcoming live sessions to generate buzz online. We strongly encourage you to include a strong call to action in each of your broadcasts. This way you widen your reach to a larger audience. This goes a long way towards building a sense of community and helping to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

That’s all for now, and of course, If you need guidance to kick-start your Facebook live sessions…drop us a message!

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