6 tips to remember when uploading a video on YouTube

I’ll be sharing six tips that are important to remember when uploading a video on Youtube.

Number #1:  Write A Great Title
By writing a great title, you’ll ensure that your video is found by the right people. Ensure you use keywords that are relevant to your business, and try a title that is catchy or poses a question to draw in your audience.

Number #2: Write a Great Description
Make sure you accurately describe what your video is about. Using long-tail keywords will help your customers find your video much easier. It is very important!  Include a link back to your website or social media channels, this way you will generate some traffic to your platform.

Number #3: Customise Your Thumbnail Image
With a striking thumbnail image, viewers will really want to click on your video. Youtube automatically generates three thumbnails, but to make your video stand out, I recommend creating a custom thumbnail image. Use bright colours, large font, stick to the branding or upload HQ photo to make your thumbnail look appealing.

Number #4: Tag Your Video
Tagging your video is very important because it helps your customers find your content. By using the right keywords, it will ensure you are ranked higher in the search results on Youtube. A keyword that is right for your tag could be: one that is used in your brand name, a keyword from the description, or a keyword that matches the title of your video. Use between 3-7 relevant tags.

Number #5 Interactive cards
One of the newest features on Youtube is Interactive Cards. Interactive Cards can be placed at any point throughout the video, and replaces their Annotations feature. Ca rds are a great way to get potential customers to engage with your site; by inserting a card that is relevant to what your video is currently describing. That means you can insert an interactive card that links directly to a product, to a fundraising site, to your website, or another one of your videos or playlist. It’s a great way to keep your viewer interested in your business.

Number #6: Create a Compelling End Screen
Your end screen comes at the very end of your video, and it directs the viewer to take the next step. The most important thing to remember is you want to keep the customer engaged with your brand. This is about creating a call to action. So you could have a link to another relevant video, an image of a product or service you’re selling, or the link to your website or landing page. You can also make sure the end screen is branded correctly, and that you’re asking the viewer to subscribe to your channel, so you stay connected.

That’s all of our tips for now; stay tuned for more video marketing tips

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