Social Media Marketing - Personality types, can you recognize yourself?

The next time you are thinking about your content and your audience, stop targeting them in the same old way – Age, Gender, Location, Income level. 

Let us introduce you to some characters that people create for themselves as their online profile. We all know that those are far from true, but let’s face it everyone has a slightly better representation of their life online. 

  1. The traveller (always travelling)
    The only window they’re ever looking through is the plane window. Publicly claims they can almost live without any commodities all they need is a backpack and sometimes to connect to wi-fi, whereas in real life they take the biggest luggage and don’t move further than their charging cable.
  2. Sports addicts
    All of us expect the other Sports Addicts hate them. They will full fill all of our dreams related to sports. If you ever wanted to play tennis, they will play it for you. They will be at the gym 6.30 in the morning, they will lift stuff just to put it back again. This category also includes runners, who can run half-marathon on Christmas day.
  3. Influencers
    People who can say “look, mum, that internet thing worked out for me”. We all watch and wait until this will come to a mental break down. But even if they pass out and hit their head to the keyboard, that post with random symbols will receive more likes and shares than any of our best pictures or videos combined. 
  4. I make my own brand
    Today every second hipster has this own brand. They re-sell what they had bought cheaper, they make their own accessories and nick nacks, and they always claim that their main thing is to go against mainstream fashion. But in reality, they all go to the same Ripe Market and the only thing separating them from one another is the difficulty how to pronounce their brand. 
  5. Start-ups
    Of course, they can only pay in cryptocurrency. Always has no budget for their marketing but wants to have an Apple-style video about their product that will change the world as a next Uber.
  6. I have a dog
    MoonMoon The Pug, of course, has his own Instagram account with more followers and engagement than any of us. 

So what’s our point from all of this? If we say that the most important content quality criteria are relatability, you have to create such content that the user can relate to with his online profile. Meaning that your marketing strategy has to include as much as possible personalised ways for your audience to engage with you or your product.

That’s it for today. Hope you could recognise your online personality. As always we are here for you to help and support. See you!

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