Client: Rolls Royce AGMC

Service: Promotional video

Category: Corporate

Length: 3:41

Product video for Rolls Royce Horology Phantom

The matchless craft of precision timepieces, now immortalised by the finest motor vehicle ever created. The Horology Phantom.

Rolls Royce Horology Phantom is a special bespoke edition car. Find out the story behind the car told by the general manager at AGMC Dubai. This car is now on display in City Walk, Dubai Rolls Royce Boutique. Do you want to see more great car videos, Evamotion team is specialising in making them! Feel free to check out our dedicated page to find out more.

Things to consider before hiring a production company for a promotional video.

- Number of cameras used in the production
- Audio recording quality
- Teleprompter for easy script delivery
- Creative lighting
- Editing capabilities

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