Client: UPS & AstroLabs

Service: Promotional video

Category: Corporate

Length: 3:29

Promotional video for UPS & AstroLabs Smart Logistic Challenge

Learn more about the program and apply here visit AstroLabs website.

AstroLabs is proud to announce their partnership with UPS to run the upcoming Smart Logistics Challenge ahead of Expo 2020 Dubai. They are looking for top global logistics tech companies with ready-to-deploy solutions to the emerging market challenges UPS faces:

1) creating a connected customer experience,

2) last mile optimization, and

3) upstream goods validation.

Selected companies will be flown out to Dubai for a three-day program culminating in a pitch to top UPS management. This is an amazing opportunity to get a chance to pilot your product with UPS!

Things to consider before hiring a production company for a promotional video.

- Number of cameras used in the production
- Audio recording quality
- Teleprompter for easy script delivery
- Creative lighting
- Editing capabilities

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