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    From 5000AED

    Studio shoot

    • 1 camera
    • 2-3 hours
    • Basic lighting
    • Lapel mic
    • Up to 2 products
    • Background set-up in your location
    • Your presentation/interview
    • Product B-rolls
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    From 9500AED

    Location shoot

    • 2 cameras
    • 4-6 hours
    • Lighting
    • Lapel mic
    • Up to 5 products
    • You with the product at your location
    • Your presentation/interview
    • Product B-rools
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    Speed Up the Sales Cycle

    Slash demo setup time and replicate real-world environments in just a few minutes helps you get started quickly.

    Engage to Action

    Drive prospects’ engagement with your product through compelling, interactive, personalized demo experiences.

    Increase Brand Awareness

    These videos help elevate your brand visibility, attract new customers, and establish a strong brand presence.

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    How Product Demo Videos help your customers understand how your product works ?

    Visual Representation: Product demonstration videos visually showcase products in action, simplifying complex information for easy understanding.

    Step-by-Step Explanation: Product walkthrough videos guide users through product functionalities, aiding in a clear understanding of product capabilities.

    Highlighting Key Features: Demo videos emphasize unique product features, showcasing what set the product apart effectively.

    Solving Customer Problems:
    Product presentations illustrate how products address customer needs, offering practical solutions.

    Engagement and Retention:
    Engaging visuals and interactive explainers maintain customer interest, ensuring full comprehension of product functionality.

    Building Trust: Product overview videos establish credibility by demonstrating product performance and benefits, fostering trust with potential customers.

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    On-shoot producer
    More products
    Longer hours
    Sound operator
    Additional video edits

    *If you require these additional production services simply state the add-ons in your brief.




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