Educational Videos for AstroLabs Academy

Client: AstroLabs Academy

Service: Educational Videos

Category: Education

Length: 3 – 12 min

Online Course videos

Evamotion had produced 25 videos for AstroLabs Academy.

Videos will be part of their online and offline training courses available for students to access anytime. AstroLabs are covering Legal, Business Set up, Digital Marketing, Fundraising and Bootstrapping, Customer Acquisition, Learning How To Code. Each going deep into the topic to provide the learning material in a video format that is not available anywhere else online.

Educational videos were filmed using two camera set-up and the final output had also included the slide presentation of the topics discussed. We had used a variety of techniques to include the supporting presentation material such as: interactive screen, PowerPoint presentation, fullscreen recording, drawing/writing on the slide presentation.

The final look of videos

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