Video Series for business

Today we going to talk about an upcoming trend – Video Series for business.

 They’re almost like a TV series – a collection of videos that builds relationship with your audience.  In each video, you’re being very specific about particular topic, it could be educational, entertaining or informative for your customer. A video series will help you to stand out and appear as leader in your field.
For example, our team at Evamotion helped Brideprep to create a series of videos around wedding planning. By giving useful tips, such as ‘Choosing your wedding makeup artist?’ or ‘Why to Create a Separate Wedding Email?’ This way Brideprep are building a platform of knowledge in the industry, which is vital for their content strategy and position themselves as an expert in wedding industry.
Another great example from Dubizzle – Know Your Rights video series. Each video is short, bite-sized, and answers a question relating to property rights. For example, by creating a video ‘Can your landlord increase your rent after one year?’, they matched the title with the keywords the viewer was typing into Google.

So how do you start making a video series for business?

Firstly, think of topics and fields you have deep knowledge at that your audience could benefit from. Also, in the Video Series you could be talking about your industry news and updates.
Secondly, get audience’s interest with a good title. These are usually educational, using words such as ‘How to’, ‘Things to know’ or ‘Tips for…’Keep in mind consistency, and plan your calendar to post regularly.
Finally, always include a strong call to action at the end, directing the viewer to watch your next video or visit your website.
That’s all for now. If you have any questions regarding this topic, drop as a message.

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