5 video marketing tips to outshine your competition this holiday season

UAE is a diverse mix of nationalities and cultures. Take advantage of this and you’ll have a video marketing calendar jam-packed with engaging content ready for the holiday celebrations. From New Year and EID to Christmas and Ramadan, here are 5 tips to captivate your audience, market your business better, and help you stand out from the crowd. Let’s get started.

Tip 1. Get creative with celebratory greetings.

A simple video marketing message filmed on your own premises works well. Take Careem’s International Happiness Day video. This ‘documentary’ style is relaxed, fun and authentic.
Be creative with your greetings too and use your business environment to your marketing advantage. SkyDive did just that in its breath-taking celebration of National Day.

Tip 2. Support a community cause.

This is a great way to celebrate an event, support the community and promote your brand. Maybe you can reconnect families in some way for Mother’s Day as Emirates NBD did? Or help communities like Pepsi’s Lighting Up Lives Ramadan ad? This campaign attracted over 300,000 views. Whatever the event, make it a relevant and authentic match to your business. And a bonus tip: invite relevant influencers to join you; they’ll likely share your video on their own marketing and social channels.

Tip 3. Entice your customers with giveaways.

The more directly relevant these are to your audience, the better. Maybe give a free upgrade for International Day of Happiness? Emirates did exactly that. Or perhaps offer dates and water like the ADNOC Distribution Ramadan ad? Think about the giveaways that are relevant to your customers and brand.

Tip 4. Offer time-limited discounts.

Pick deals that appeal to your audience and reflect the celebrations where possible. Here we’ve got Town Square and Dubai Property’s National Day offers – whilst Emmawash’s Ramadan ad offers coupons (and a prize draw entry).

Tip 5. Create branded packages.

Carefully selected products can be bundled together and branded with the holiday theme. Create a promo video, then simply market it across all channels including social, email and re-targeting.

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