Video in the Marketing funnel

As a marketer, you can easily incorporate video into all of your promotional efforts, and those videos can have a huge impact on attracting new audiences, educating leads, and converting customers. So let’s talk what are the best video types for each stage of your marketing funnel. In the comments below tell us at which stage this video (that you are watching now) stands? 

Video in the marketing funnel stage – Awareness:

At the awareness stage, your potential customers have a problem and you have a solution — you just haven’t found each other yet. Tell people about your brand through videos that appear in the targeted search and social media ads. If you properly tag and caption your videos, the combination of video and text will help your content rank higher in Google results!

Key Metric: Video views. At this point, you’re aiming for maximum exposure.

Video in the marketing funnel stage – Consideration:

In this phase, potential customers are aware of the problem they want to solve and are researching solutions. Your goal is to educate leads about your industry and the kinds of problems you solve via deep-dive content and how-to videos. This way you can empower leads to make better decisions — and you can become a trustworthy source in the process. 

Key Metric: Time spent watching. It is the indication of the value your content provides to viewers. Statistic had found that people spent on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without — which makes them feel more connected with your brand.

Video in the marketing funnel stage – Conversion: 

This is decision time. Leads’ve done the research about your offerings (and your competitors), and they’re ready to buy. Convince leads to go with your product via the home page, testimonials, and product videos. Since emotion is such a strong factor in decision-making, videos at this stage of the funnel benefit from the human touch.

Key Metric: Sign-ups. When the viewer does your desired Call To Action (sign-up or buy)

Video in the marketing funnel stage – Retention: 

This content is for your existing customers who already engage with your brand. Show how you continue to add value to customers’ lives with user education, feature launches, and company culture videos. Retention videos (video series too) create more opportunities for you to engage again and help you stay connected with your customers because they don’t require anything from users except their time. For this reason, these videos may be the most important — and perhaps the most versatile. 

Key Metric: Cohort retention. Do A/B testing to analyse your users’ behaviour. As Head of Brand at Mailchimp said: “ … the people who engage with this content are paying us more quickly. And when they pay us, they pay us more money, which is just completely mind-blowing.”

Once you get going, it’ll be easy to come up with fresh ideas to draw in new and existing customers. When the results start rolling in, you’ll be glad you incorporated video throughout the buyer’s journey! Contact us today if you are looking to make a video for your marketing funnel.

Remember the question? So at which stage of Evamotion marketing funnel this video is standing? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow us so you never miss another great marketing tip! 

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