Social Media video strategy

We created this guide to help you get your social media video strategy off the ground, or to the next level! So let’s cover some platforms and best tactics. At Evamotion we are curious about how our marketing efforts work, so let us know which platform got you into watching this video.

The easiest way to start is to repurpose your videos across all of your social networks, this is superior to silence. However, if you want your video content to really resonate, you’re going to have to consider your goals for each platform. 


Fun, auto and silent play-friendly video for leisurely browsing. Facebook’s News Feed algorithm takes the user’s previous video-related actions into account in determining whether to show them videos in the future, and video sees more reach than any other type of post. If your goal is to get brand awareness, native full-length video is the way to go. If your goal is to drive visitors to your website, whether to watch a full video, read a blog post, or make a purchase, then a teaser video is a great way to increase the chance of taking that next action.


Company culture videos and teasers that don’t require action (as it’s not straightforward to visit your site from the post). Choose your types of videos according to what your brand is trying to accomplish with Instagram. Is it a polished, creative space for impressive, shorter works? Or is it a behind-the-scenes, bloopers look at your company? Get engagement with content that resonates with your audience.


Entertaining or educational videos tailored to your specific audience. With the right type of content and strategy, post how-to videos and make an impression with entertaining brand awareness content that’s useful for people who aren’t already familiar with your brand to reach people outside your main customer base. 

Social Media Video tactics

  1. Educate your audience about your product. Video can add a human touch to the latest updates, tips, and tricks and draw more attention to your posts. User-generated content works great for this, too!
  2. Tease future releases. Make behind-the-scenes or a short edit of your main video to hype the excitement for the big launch.
  3. Show off your company culture. A fun way to show some personality to your fans, and it also has some perks for future recruiting.

Think of video as a starting point for conversations and connections across each network, and tailor your social video as you would any other social campaign. Let us know what percentage of your posts are videos? Did you like our Marketing Tips, follow and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss a new video. 

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