How to look great for your virtual call or online class?

As we are all practising social distancing we still need to stay connected. Have you found how to bring value online for your audience? Virtual calls, video announcements and online training have to be up to standards with your brands’ image whenever you are doing it from home or another safe environment.

Here are our top tips on how to look great and professional!


The easiest lighting would be for you to sit in front of a big window. The natural daylight will nicely spread on your face. Avoid sitting with your back to the window. The camera will compensate for the overexposed window and will make your body look very dark. If that’s not an option, place two soft lights behind your camera. Together, they’ll fill all the hard shadows on your face.

Camera position

You should raise your camera lens to either to eye level or a little higher.

Typically, higher angles are much more flattering. When you position your camera lower than eye level, it can make you look intimidating or that you have a double chin.


Tip, use your headphone sets, since it has a built-in microphone,  so if your concern is an occasional meeting, then they should be enough. However, if you’re consistently in virtual meetings, doing professional training, making announcements or live streaming we recommend getting a dedicated microphone. There is nothing more frustrating than bad sound quality when your audience is trying to learn something!


Come prepared with all your talking points written down. Also, be comfortable talking in front of a camera. One of our favourite tricks for presentations, classes or announcements is using a teleprompter, you will keep eye contact and don’t have to memorise your message. 

Do you know what’s the best thing? Whenever you want to step up your game and have a professional-looking online class, presentation or announcement – Evamotion have you covered. We can offer a compact and save filming environment, quickly build a studio at your location. 

You know what to do next if you ever need advice we are just a call away.

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