4 Reasons to have a video in your email signature

First, it gives you the opportunity to tell the viewer about something new from your brand. The standard email signature is packed with basic business card information. A video in an email signature can include all this while still advertising an upcoming event, a new product, or even a deal on your current products! 

Second, it could just be a short introduction as to who you are, how you work, and what you do. This will put a face to your name and can help you establish connection far more easily and effectively than a standard email signature.

Third, it’s great for getting more views. Anyone you send an email to will be in contact with your video, and any clicks on it won’t cost you a dirham! Anyone that’s forwarding your emails will give you more exposure as well.

And finally,  it makes you stand out! Of the last few emails you’ve received, how many of them included a video in the signature? 

So overall, the video in an email signature is a quick and easy way to promote yourself and your business. And if you need help with that video, feel free to reach out! That’s it for today, thanks for watching!

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