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Do you need an Explainer or presenting a Talking Head video?

Our Talking Heads explainer videos are designed to help explain your product, service or idea. A face-to-face conversation can help establish credibility and drive results. Evamotion has created 100’s of professional presenter explainer videos in Dubai for organisations like yours by taking your script and building a custom video that conveys the concept behind your business clearly with professionalism and entertainment.

Evamotion offer Talking Heads Interview Video Production that feels authentic & looks great. We shoot on location, in our studio and on green screen to give you a wide range of color and background choices to fit your video needs. Our clients are seasoned business owners, aspiring or established professionals who need personality-driven explainer videos that get results! Evamotion had been trusted by Dubai based brands such as Rolls Royce, Hikvision, AstroLabs, HSBC, London Kings College Hospital London, Herman Miller and many more.

How do we work?

Here at Evamotion, we believe that a great video should feel so natural that it seems like the presenter is simply speaking right to you. From initial interview script development to final editing, we’re a full-service explainer video agency producing videos for clients all over the country. We offer to use a teleprompter. Which is a minimal and effective tool to ensure that your speech flows smoothly. It provides you a professional look and enables you to make eye contact with the camera and your intended audience. We’ve noticed that the use of a teleprompter for sales presentations has increased in recent years. This is because of how simple they are to operate when properly set up by a professional video team. We’ve got the experience and know-how to help you! In fact, we’ve been practising our craft since 2015.

Check out our portfolio for some examples of our explainer video services. Also, contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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