Break free from basic marketing videos

Homepage videos, explainer videos, and product videos are all important for building a brand, but at some point, you’ll want to try out something new. That’s why we say – you need to break free from basic marketing videos and think outside the box! Think Snapchat and Instagram Stories, 1:1 video emails, behind the scenes and just-for-fun company culture content. These videos might not have a long shelf life but can still add value to your brand in a way that feels fresh and authentic to your audience. Now is not the time to go silent. Content has become a lot more powerful as a marketing tool over the last couple of months so create video content.

Being transparent and natural in front of your viewers is the fastest way to win their hearts. More and more brands are stepping in front of the camera to show their personalities and raw unpolished behind the scenes that make the audience feel more connected. 

Trying out different video styles and formats will also help your business with shifts in the industry. So, get out there and start growing your business with these types of videos.

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