3 Tips to Prepare for Being On Camera

Being in front of the camera in your business videos will build trust for your audience. Here are our tips on how to prepare to be in front of the camera.

Script delivery

You need to be speaking in a way that makes people listen. Be honest (believe in your message) and be yourself (the audience can feel if you are not comfortable).


Before the shoot, schedule a table read with your video director, so they can give you feedback on energy level, line readings and pronunciation. This will help you feel more prepared. Here at Evamotion, we use a teleprompter to help us and our clients to deliver the script looking directly at the camera. This way we focus on how to connect with our viewers and don’t have to worry memorising the script.

Looking good

What do I wear??? You always want to wear a colour that contrasts with the background so you stand out. Jewel tones and solid colours are your safest bet for all skin types under harsh lighting. Avoid pastels, patterns and small, busy prints as they don’t always translate well on camera. Also, make sure your jewellery doesn’t make noise. Your body language speaks just as loudly as your words. So stand tall and gesture with confidence.


With these tips, you can nail your next company’s video shoot. Practice makes perfect, so volunteer to star in the next video your business makes. You’ve got this!

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