Tips for the best Video Call To Action (CTA)

Finally, you have your video, now it’s time to get the most return from it. To help you – and your brand – covert attention into action from video, we’ve put together this guide. So whether you’re looking to drive awareness, consideration, conversion, or full-funnel impact, these tips will help you to deliver measurable results through video by strategically including call to actions.

1. Valuable content

Think about how you consume video. You pay more attention to a video you’ve actively selected to watch. To bring value to your audience, you need to know what people are looking for – and in what context. You can then respond with the right message, creative, and ad format – all essential for an attention-grabbing, successful campaign. Deliver content that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats and make them want to take your CTA without overthinking it.

2. Three Calls To Actions better than one

To increase the efficiency of your video Call To Action, you should use a common technique that websites already use. As visitors might get distracted, longer landing pages usually have a double CTA placed at the top and bottom to increase conversions. Now, you can use the exact same technique for your video CTAs to remind viewers to complete your desired action.

3. Be specific

It may seem obvious, but it’s critically important to make it immediately clear to your viewers what to do. For example, if your desired action is clicks, consider “Sign Up”, “Book Now” or “Learn More”. If lead generation is your goal, consider “Register” or “Get Quote”. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s visible, easy to understand, and clear right from the beginning of your ad and then prompt them again throughout the video. 

4. Boost Engagement with YouTube Cards

To fully take advantage of your videos, you should deliver CTAs that will engage your viewers with your online business. Turn your video into a powerful lead capturing magnet, by taking advantage of Youtube Cards to include multiple CTA points. Videos with Cards can be your two-in-one conversion machine that will highlight the benefits of the product and make them convert. 

Since videos have become a massive conversion tool make sure to take full advantage of it. We at Evamotion can always help with content strategy, production and also distribution so you can reach the maximum out of your video. Contact us to find out more. See what I did here?

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