Watch Pro Event Motion Graphics Video

Client: Time Out

Service: Motion Graphics Video

Category: Animation

Length: 1:07

Motion graphics video for Watch Pro event

WatchPro is the UK’s only trade magazine dedicated entirely to watches. From new product reviews to industry news to live events, they are the best source of information for this industry, and consequently, everyone in the industry is a regular reader and takes great interest in anything that WatchPro publishes.

WatchPro wanted to tackle a few problems with the same video. Firstly, they were keen to promote their live event, and generate interest and exposure that would lead to greater attendance and engagement. Secondly, they wanted to promote the top suppliers and manufacturers in the UK watch industry, particularly those that would be attending their live event and those that appeared on their “Hot 100” list. Thirdly, WatchPro wanted to signal their status as a premium publication, and an arbiter of quality within the industry. These are diverse goals, and Evamotion needed to solve all of these problems with one short video.

Evamotion decided to produce a motion graphics video, which we felt would be able to meet all of WatchPro’s needs. We opened the video with an animated history of watches, set against a backdrop of the London skyline, in order to signal quality and premium brand status. This video led nicely to a showpiece of the newest and most stylish watches, which promoted the top manufacturers. We also added animated title tags on top of some photos and created an animated slideshow of the top suppliers in the industry.

WatchPro showed the video during their live event, and the results were fantastic: using a motion graphics video meant that it instantly grabbed and kept the crowd’s attention. The photos of industry leaders were met with great applause and cheers from the audience - always a good sign! Many attendees later commented that the video was also a great icebreaker for the networking session that immediately followed the showcasing of the video. All in all, a great success!

Things to consider before hiring company for motion graphics video.

- The idea of animation?
- Who is your targeted viewer?
- Do you require voice over?
- How long clip will be?
- Examples of video you like mostly?
- What is your budget for this project?

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