Client: University Of Bedfordshire

Service: Promotional video

Category: Corporate

Length: 3:59

Promotional video for University Of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire has around 16,000 students across four campuses in the south-east of England. In 2004 it was awarded the title of “Best New University” by the Sunday Times UK.

The university was launching a new partnership with Lean Six Sigma, a company that provides business training on lean and continuous improvement methodologies. It’s a complex subject, but one that is highly relevant and in-demand in the modern business environment. The university wanted a promotional video to inform students of this new partnership, highlight that these new courses were available and the benefits of taking the courses, and signpost students to where they could learn more and enrol.

We decided to incorporate interview-style shots with live footage from the courses as they were being taught. This meant that the promotional video could showcase exactly the teaching environment that students would be using, as well as highlighting some of the course material. We interviewed staff from both the University of Bedfordshire and Lean Six Sigma, and edited these together with some establishing shots of the university campus to show the colorful premises. We used a number of cinematic techniques to accomplish this and capture dynamic footage, such as the camera crane, glider and slider.

The university was over the moon with their final video, which was published on their main website and on the official Lean Six Sigma website. New potential students could now see the course content, lecture halls and premises, and get a great introduction to the content and setting of the course itself. The video meant that the university could quickly build interest and trust in the new course, and it led to a significant increase in the number of students who signed up for the new course.

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