Pharmacy marketplace Explainer Video

Client: Pipelinepharma

Service: Marketing video

Category: Animation

Length: 1:54

Marketing video for pharmacy marketplace

Pipelinepharma is an online pharmaceutical marketplace that connects dossier owners with prospective clients. The online service operates globally, with the platform operating as initially free for its 19,000 dossier owners and chargeable for pharmaceutical portfolio holders. The website features search engines for over 31,000 pharmaceutical products and shifts the licensing registration of pharmacy products online.

Pipelinepharma offered a new business model that saved both dossier holders and client company portfolios time and money. One thing stood between the company and increased sales: the ability of their audience to understand their offering. Pipelinepharma required their service benefits to be explained to both parties to attract a greater database of products and boost online sales.

Animated marketing videos are a great way to introduce and explain new concepts, and Evamotion used them for both purposes with aplomb. Recognising that the twenty-first century company had to look sleek and modern beside competitors, Evamotion tailored the marketing video to their current website look and feel, creating a visual tie-back to their online offering. Voiceovers were accompanied with graphics that helped explain key parts of the process, while familiarity at a glance was provided with location pins and Facebook ‘Like’ icons for ease of understanding. Easy ‘how-to’ animation using the website’s search engine took the viewer step-by-step through the product selection process, explaining the verification of the product and dossier holder and a new way of doing pharmaceutical business.

Animation easily explained the simplicity and benefits of Pipelinepharma’s offering. Display of the marketing video on the website yielded an increase in new member registrations and better bounce rates off the home page, while use of the video in marketing contexts helped increase interest in business dealings with the brand overall. The shareability and familiar social media icons in the animation prompted pharmaceutical search engines to advertise the business through the video, which also sparked a highly-targeted YouTube campaign increasing the profile of the business.

Things to consider before hiring production company for marketing video

- The idea of animation?
- Who is your targeted viewer?
- Do you require voice over?
- How long clip will be?
- Examples of video you like mostly?
- What is your budget for this project?

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