Duke Dumont live event video production

Client: M-1 Night Out

Service: Event video production

Category: Event

Length: 1:53

Live event video production of Duke Dumont performance

Duke Dumont has been a staple in the deep house scene for years, with singles released as early as 2008, when the movement was really only starting out. Over the years, he has garnered several awards, bringing him even more notoriety. These events are not just great publicity for his brand, they are an opportunity for people to gather together and enjoy the music he produces. Events like this give DJs the chance to show off their skills and live event video production helps organizers and producers lengthen their reach.

The organizer/producer of this event wanted to capture the atmosphere and use it to gain exposure. The event was a success, but the producer also wanted to show those who were not able to attend just how fun and exciting it was. They wanted a highly shareable video that would allow attendees and DJs to find themselves in the video, which would further encourage them to share and create buzz about similar events.

In order to really capture the spirit of this event, Evamotion gained access to the stage. We were able to not just get great shots of people dancing and enjoying themselves, but also the DJs and how the crowd was responding to the music.

In the end, the client was provided with a video that encapsulated the energy of their event. When it was posted to the organizer’s website and social media platforms, it immediately drew attention. The DJs and attendees who were featured in the video found it and shared it to their own social media, ranking in even more views and, ultimately, subscriptions for similar events in the future. Getting up close and personal with the people and the DJs with live event video production made the viewer feel as if they were really there and excited to attend one of these events in the future.

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