Client: 4Team Corporation Solutions for Microsoft®

Service: Landing page video

Category: Animation

Length: 1:34

Landing page video for Mergix cloud service

Mergix is a cloud-based app designed to remove duplicate contacts from different sources, giving you a clean and up-to-date address book with one version of the truth. Created by the 4Team, an independent developer and Microsoft Partner, Mergix is free to use and can be used across multiple operating systems.

4Team’s goal was simple: to convert more website visitors to users. They needed a landing page video that would be engaging, entertaining, and have a strong call-to-action to drive user registrations. While the number of views and the length of views was important, it was crucial that their video did its crucial job of landing more users. 4Team knew that once users signed up for the free trial period, they could successfully convert those trial users to paying subscribers, substantially increasing revenues.

To drive engagement and signups, we knew that we needed a landing page video that showed the benefits of Mergix - not just what it does, but how it can solve a problem in the user’s life. And we needed to connect with the user’s personality as well. So we produced a video using character animation icons and styles, showing an animated person encountering the problem of duplicate contacts, and then using Mergix to solve that issue. We used an animation color pallet that matched the Mergix website to keep the design aesthetic consistent across all Mergix assets.

Mergix saw an immediate increase in both the amount of time spent on their landing page, due to visitors watching the video, as well as an increase in the number of users registering for their trial version -- a result of the strong call-to-action at the end of the video. Over time, 4Team will be able convert many of these users to paying subscribers and significantly increase their revenue and profitability.

Things to consider before hiring production company for landing page video.

- The idea of animation?
- Who is your targeted viewer?
- Do you require voice over?
- How long clip will be?
- Examples of video you like mostly?
- What is your budget for this project?

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