Bar and pie charts animated video

Client: Lotos Geonafta

Service: Animated video

Category: Animation

Length: 0:36

Bar and pie charts animated video

The Lotos Group is a large conglomerate of companies in the oil, natural gas and energy industry, who asked us to work with them on creating a presentation to their board and investors.

Corporate presentations, particularly those using a lot of graphs and numbers, can often be dull, dry and unengaging. They’re usually done in Powerpoint, and most people are asleep by the third slide. Lotos Group wanted to created an animated video that would grab the viewers’ attention. By going the extra mile and being much more engaging, the company also wanted to show their eye for quality to their board members, investors and analysts.

In order to grab viewers’ attention, Evamotion decided to use a colorful pallet - blue, red orange - and have dynamic number and graph bar movements. These would instantly be much more engaging than a static Powerpoint presentation. We also added additional animations to highlight key figures, results and comparisons - again, something that is much easier to do with bold, colorful animation than with a static presentation. We also kept the video short, focusing only on the important facts and figures, and eliminating any additional, unnecessary information.

The animated video was a big hit with the board members. They were enthused and engaged “like never before”, and were able to focus on the key messages in the video, rather than being distracted by unnecessary info. In fact, a number of people requested a copy of the video so that they could see it again, and even show other people, a clear sign of the video’s success.

Things to consider before hiring production company for animated video.

- The idea of animation?
- Who is your targeted viewer?
- Do you require voice over?
- How long clip will be?
- Examples of video you like mostly?
- What is your budget for this project?

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